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Child Neurology Residency

Curriculum Total: 13 blocks, 4 weeks each


(Adult Neurology Requirement done at Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center)

  • Six blocks on inpatient rotations (to include general neurology and stroke).
  • Two blocks of outpatient clinical child neurology. 
  • Three blocks of required subspecialty child neurology clinical experiences.
  • Two block child electives
  • Half day per week designated to pediatric continuity clinic.


  • Three blocks of required subspecialty child neurology clinical experiences.
  • One block of outpatient child neurology
  • One block out adult neurology
  • One block adult elective
  • One block child elective
  • Four blocks inpatient child neurology
  • One block of pediatric neurosurgery
  • One block of neuropsychology/Dev Peds.
  • Half day per week designated to pediatric continuity clinic.


  • One block of child and adolescent psychiatry.
  • Three blocks required subspecialty experiences.
  • Three blocks inpatient child neurology.
  • Two blocks outpatient adult neurology.
  • Two blocks adult elective
  • One block child elective.
  • One block outpatient child neurology.
  • Half day per week designate to pediatric continuity clinic.


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