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Conditions We Treat

HIV Clinic

Our specialists work as a team to care for the unique needs of young people – from birth to age 24 – whose lives are impacted in some way by HIV. 

Be assured – whether you’re a young person seeking information about HIV for yourself or you’re an adult seeking care for a child – we treat you confidentially and respectfully.

Our patients include:

  • Newborns and older babies exposed to HIV because their mothers are HIV positive
  • Babies, children and teens who have already tested positive for HIV
  • Children who have experienced a potential exposure to HIV (through sexual assault, accidental needle exposure or other incidents)
  • Adolescents and teens who are at risk for HIV – possibly due to sexual activity

If you are pregnant and you’re HIV positive – or think you’ve been exposed – we welcome you to talk with us. We offer important advice about medications and how to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to your baby during pregnancy, delivery and after birth.

Contact us

To learn more, schedule an appointment or refer a patient, call 602-933-0955 or text 602-290-3212.

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